Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sponsor a Child!

We at the Ebenezer Hannah Home kindly appeal to you to assist an orphan child with their basic/special needs, to live to dream by small donations.

The Home consist of 27 children as young as 2 months old to 18 years old. Through sponsorship commitment you can make a difference for a child. Because of people like you, they have a chance now that 10 million children like them never had.

Your sponsorship will help the child;
· With proper education, hope for a brighter tomorrow because children have the opportunity to go to school, however children still need your help to receive a complete education;
· Medical attention they deserve;
· 3 Nutritious meals these orphan children in purchasing school uniform. The colour of the uniform has recently changed due to the crime rate at schools and also for them to have their own identity respectively.

We plead to you, to find favour in your heart to assist; your support will make a huge difference. We trust God, the seed you sow will be blessed, and you will reap in abundance (over & over)

Profiles of the children available

Conact: Sister Shirley 082 956 4759 or Theresa 072 6199 828

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