Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Samkeilo & Samkelisiwe Keledi

The twins Samkeilo (boy) and Samkelisiwe (girl) was brought to the Ebenezer Care Centre by a socialworker on 17th January 2009 at the age of 5 months. Their biological mother is infected with HIV/AIDS and is not in a position to take care of the twins as she is not in good health. The twins are also infected with AIDS. Founders, Pastor Thomas and Sister Shirley Merime took the little ones in despite of their status.
They are currently in good care and gets all the love and attention they need.
They are currently on ARV’s and visits Barangwanath Hospital in Soweto for regular check up’s and tests. Thus far our little bundles of joy are growing stronger by the day and looking healthier than before.
Even though they are fighting a deadly disease, through those big dark eyes I see a brave baby boy and girl whom are saved by God’s grace. When they laugh and smile you can see the excitement of their infinitesimal bodies. Those tiny fingers just wanting to touch and feel you and know that they are loved.
They much too young to understand and know the reality of their situation. The hour and day unknown when those shiny eyes will be no more.
When night falls they are at peace, some days they experience pain, you can hear the agony in their cries and there is nothing we can do to ease the pain. Some days are better than others.
THE REALITY - AIDS IS REAL! Unfortunately the twins have to suffer and bear the consequences.
God is an awesome God and we believe that He is watching over Samkeilo and Samkelisiwe. “I pray that God would spare them for many years and give them new strength for each new day.

“Behold children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one’s youth”

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